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Paul Furio

Seattle, WA.

Just over a year ago, I was looking for a bike to use as an everyday commuter. I wanted something comfortable, with more power than my Ninja 500 (since sold) but less than my Daytona 675. I also wanted something that was unique or could be easily customized, and I’d started falling in love with the look of the old Café Racers. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned about Moto Guzzi’s V7 Racer, new to the market that year. It had the looks I loved, just the right amount of power, and on paper seemed perfect.

Luckily, reviews and specs didn’t tell the whole story. Having ridden the bike for over a year, I can honestly say this thing is a blast. The V7 has just enough torque to jump forward from a dead stop, but not so much power that I find myself trying to outrun the blue-and-whites. The seat is plush and comfortable, and the clip-ons are just low enough for that classic Café feel without being a strain on my wrists. Incredibly light and nimble, this bike practically swims around corners.

Of course, in addition to the riding experience, the best fringe benefit of all is the comment on the standout appearance of the V7 Racer. At every stoplight I get approving nods, thumbs up, and shouts of “Nice Bike!” from total strangers. When parking, I often have people come up to me to ask about the bike, and they’re always astonished when I tell them it’s a 2012. With all the convenience of Fuel Injection and all the looks of a classic Racer, it’s the best of both worlds.

Finally, there’s the shop experience. Dave at Moto International made the purchase process totally smooth sailing, and Micha in Service has taken care of all the maintenance like it was his own bike. Every visit to the shop has been pleasant, and I’m always treated like family. Plus, dropping off the bike always results in a few minutes of checking out the other Guzzi and Aprilia models, such beautiful machines.

As a rider with Italian blood in my veins, every time I ride the V7 Racer, I find myself saying Forza Moto Guzzi!

-Paul J. Furio

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