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Charles F. Vaden

I rode motorcycles in my 20's and a bit in my 30's and did some dirt biking with my two boys in my 40's, but the sport sort of faded away after that. After I got out of the service at age 25, I trotted up to Pokes Cycle on Capital Hill and bought a brand new Norton 850 Commando in metallic gold and just loved that bike, though it was hard to keep it in tune. Then, at age 60, I decided to start riding again. I had some extra dough and tried to decide on what to ride. I immediately thought of the old Norton and perhaps maybe getting a vintage bike, but the upkeep seemed like a roadblock to me. Then on a trip down to South Sound BMW I found a 2010 V7 Café Moto Guzzi that really got my juices flowing, so I bought it. I fell in love again. That V7 felt and handled a lot like my Norton had and I happily rode it for several months. I am 6'3" and 225 lbs and after a while I just felt the little V7 was too small for me so I sold it and bought an 07' Norge which was not as sporty, but fun to ride anyway and I loved the pull of that 1200 motor. Then, I noticed that Dave up at Moto International had an 08' 1200 Sport that was all souped up for sale and I picked that one up too. The 1200 Sport is a great bike and I love it. I have been making some changes to get it exactly the way I want it, like changing the paint scheme to get rid of the white splotches. My wife called it the storm trooper bike because of the black and white so I had the white parts painted black with a touch of fine metal flake, so it's two tone, but only in the bright sun. Next I will have the header pipes ceramic coated to a color I like, probably silver/aluminum. And the list will go on I'm sure. The biggest and best change so far though happened a couple of days ago. The bike had seemed to be a bit squirly in the corners and just felt loose. Micha at Moto International suggested new Michelin Pilot 3 tires and a front fork adjustment. Oh my God!!!!!!!!! The difference in handling and cornering is like night and day. Tight fast corners are now a joy as the bike seems stuck to the road with no thoughts of letting it go. Man, I am so completely impressed and happy about this change. I really feel that these new tires are fabulous. Kudos to the guys down at MI for steering me in the right direction, what a great shop and staff. Now, getting those headers coated, hmmm, silver or black...............




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