H-B chrome luggage rack/passenger backrest




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These Hepco-Becker products are available as just a luggage rack, just a passenger backrest, or as a combination. The lugagge racks are not considered sturdy enough for mounting a large trunk. For that, we recommend Guzzi's luggage rack, B063992. Guzzi's rack will not fit the Eldorado.


At first, Hepco-Becker claimed these to only fit the California 1400 Custom & Touring. We proved them wrong. They fit right to the Audace. On the Eldorado, it's necessary to remove the mounting bracket for the passenger seat. And so, on this model you must also substitute one of the very many dual seats made for the California 1400 Touring.


Luggage Rack w/ Passenger Backrest - MF611.544

Chrome Passenger Backrest Only - MF600.544

Luggage Rack Only - MF650.544 01 02


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