Demos & BuyBacks


Demo Motorcycles

This year, Aprilia & Moto Guzzi have revamped their demo programs to encourage more people to take demo rides and more dealers to offer them. We have always been big on demo rides but we were most often squeamish about letting people ride for more than a few miles. But now, we are encouraged to get more people riding and to encourage them to ride further. Also, we are encouraged to sell our demos when they have been in service for 3 months or accumulated 250 miles, whichever comes first. And before, a demo bikes was warranty-registered the day it was invoiced to us but now, a demo is like any other bike: the full two-year unlimited-mile warranty only starts when purchased by its owner.

So we ordered far more demo bikes than usual, and not just one of a model for the year but one for each quarter. This all means that we needed to create this space so that we could show people what they can demo ride and what we have for sale. Looking for a better price on a 2017? Here's your chance. Perfer a perfectly new bike? We have them too.


Occasionally manufacturers get bikes back from dealers because they will not be continuing in that capacity. This can be due to retirement, giving up the franchise, closing, bankruptcy, etc. When this happens, the manufacturer buys the bike back and then resells it to another dealer. The bike may have some miles on it and possibly and nick or scratch or two, but is otherwise brand new, never been sold or registered, and gets its full two-year unlimited-mile warranty beginning when purchased.

Moto International has a long reputation for seeking out these exceptional bargains.