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Damian Torres

I'm not sure if its nostalgia or just a return to common sense ideas, but I love my V7 Café. I originally bought it as a commuter bike for riding down to the U district on something that was good on gas and low maintenance. Of course it is the perfect city bike with enough juice for the commuter lanes but light and nimble enough for dodging downtown road hazards and traffic. Of course she never fails to draw stares and the occasional stoplight conversation about “I used to have one of those in the 70’s”.  Every ride takes me back to my high school days of riding an air cooled twin to school or just to get out of the city. And although I have bikes that are larger or faster, if I have to run an errand downtown it is usually on the Guz. So now I commute up to Mt Vernon via “the 5” but homeward is on Highway 9.  And while most commuting south are listening to the same radio sounds they heard earlier on the way up, I’m grinning like a fool in my Davida listening to the bi-plane like sounds of that 750 twin. Thanks to Dave and the gang at Moto International.




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