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Tim Coe

Moto International is what all other bike dealers strive to be.  I've been dealing with this dealership for over a decade. The entire staff has been nothing but outstanding!  They've served me in Washington, Hawaii and now Arkansas. I needed a couple instrument bulbs for my latest RSV here in Arkansas, five dealers in and around my state couldn't help.  One dealer said, "you can't get them anymore, try ebay..." One said, "try your local auto parts store."  Are they kidding, Really...  I called Moto International and it went like this, "One moment please, (60 seconds later) How many would you like?  We'll get them ordered.  I kid you not, if these guys can't help you, there's no one else in the US to ask.  My wife agrees, she's the mother of our 10 children, in her mid 50's, her last two bikes, a 600 GXR and a 900 Ninja, now we're looking at  Aprilia, her birthdays coming up, hummm, what to do!  About the scooter picture: That's my daughters first intro to riding(some safety training by dad = work commuter), (six months later, bike safety school) she's now on a Ninja 300, a little more experience, Aprilia?  We'll have to see... At some point absolutely! It's not so much, the start that matters, it's that finish that counts.  If you've never ridden Aprilia, I suggest you go ride one.  From my observations, they're among a very small group at the top of the industry!  And by all means, please visit Moto International and see for yourself!  They look much better in real life then in a tiny photo, you'll understand once you get there.  Pleasant flying!

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