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Randy S

I bought my 2008 Sport used from a guy with 5100 miles on it. He had installed a BEAUTIFUL looking and sounding exhaust from GuzziTech. I installed a K&N air filter and removed the intake snorkel. 

I loved the bike but in didn't accelerate from a stop like I'd expect a big twin to. It also popped during deceleration and surged in spots. While visiting my son in Seattle I dropped into Moto International. What a cool shop! Everyone I spoke with was super helpful. Jason was working on bikes before the shop opened and I chatted with him briefly and I went back when they were open. 
I made a couple of purchases from Lisa, items that were special order in Spokane they had in stock!

I then had a conversation with Micha. What a great guy! He took the time to discuss what was going on with my Guzzi and made sure we were on the same page with what I wanted to accomplish. In about 2 1/2 hours he corrected the fuel mapping, showing me where the throttle positioning was not in sync with the map and richened the areas where it was needed. These guys are PASSIONATE about bikes.

I am now riding the Moto Guzzi I had fantasized about riding. It is smooth, builds power like I had expected, very tractable and the bike just seems 'Happy'. I'm beyond happy!! 

These guys know their stuff and I would personally recommend them for anything. A couple of riding buddies are either going to trailer or ride their bikes over to see you guys. Thanks again!

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