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Perry Z.

Lynden, WA.

Perry says, "It is perfect for an old man.  Perfect."  Totally surprised.  We met his sister and nephew for dinner.  We got there first.  He was looking around the parking lot for his nephew but couldn't see his bike.  I said, "You never know what Justin will show up driving, let's just go in."  We sit in a booth by the front window and Justin drives up.  Perry says, "Wow.  That is a bike just like Sarah's!"  I said, "It looks like Justin riding it."  Perry is amazed and runs out of the restaurant.  He asks Justin if it is his.  Justin says, "Yeah.  I'm trying it out for a private party."  Perry is checking it out in the parking lot, and I said, "Happy Birthday from all your girls!"  Being Dutch, he didn't fully understand so I had to say, "It is your birthday bike, stupid."  Then he got it.   Took it for a putt and came back with a big grin.  He loves it!  Thanks for all your help.

Aprilia Scarabeo 500ie Scooter

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