H-B Buffalo Leather Side Bags




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Genuine leather bags for your bike. All bags are made of 3 to 4 mm thick fully tanned cowhide. The back wall of the bag is reinforced to provide structure and strength. Also present yet hidden are molded and reinforced parts that offer overall support in the corners and along the edges. The main benefit of all the support provided is so that the bag can maintain its shape even after experiencing the elements. This bag was made in mind to outlast many motorcycles you dream of. Features resistant seams, ergonomic carrying handles, robust strap fasteners, and lock with keys to access. The leather and finishing is of the highest quality available. Optional accessories include inner bags and rain covers that are sold separately.  


Specific mounting brackets sold separately. The C-Bow consists of a very discrete C shaped mounting plate that accepts the Street soft bag and Leather bags. The leather bag holder is a smaller version of the trademark mounting system that accepts all leather bags called the Leather bag holder. 


Approximate Dimensions:


12.2” height x 21.7” width x 8.7” depth


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