Heavy Bar-end Weight Kit for Closed-end bars with 6mm threads




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Back in 2000 Moto Guzzi introducted the V11 Sport and it was a real paint-shaker, at least through the handlebars. Thankfully, Shelby Kennard, then service manager at the US Guzzi importer, discovered that end weights heavier than 3/4 pound dramatically reduced vibrations. So we have long made kits to make possible to addition of these weights. Guzzi eventually re-engineered the V11s in 2002 to quell the vibrations. But quite frankly, Shelby's fix worked better! And the heavy weights have made every bike we've fit them to more comfortable to hang onto.



Our kit fits closed-end handlebars with a 6mm threaded hole. This is true for most all Aprilias and for Guzzis in the last decade plus. Installation is quick and easy. And if you ever need a replacement end weight, this kit uses the standard one from the Breva 1100, part number AP8104572. Weights are about 2 1/8" long.


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