Akrapovic Carbon-fiber Slip-on Muffler




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Included are the peformance muffler with removable baffle plus 2 tail pipes, one with and one without catalytic converter. Purchase includes unlock code for your bike's ECU that must be installed at our dealership. 



While you can have your ECU remapped back to standard, you cannot subsequently apply an unlock code again. For this and other reasons, we believe that you have a more versatile setup by instead purchasing Aprilia's race ECU, 896309. That way, you have two complete setups (muffler plus ECU) and can switch back & forth or sell the one you don't use. 



This modification is for closed-course non-street use only. As far as we know, it has not been submitted to the US Environmental Protection Agency for compliance with the US Clean Air Act and is not recommended with the intention of breaking the law, either by you or by us.


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