2 in 1 high exhaust - ABS




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2 into 1 exhaust with modern technology but a classic look: reminiscent of the timeless ’70s era Scrambler Guzzis. 
USA ABS version code: 2S000627
EU ABS version code: 2S000311
EU Non-ABS version code: 2S000313
USA Non-ABS version code: 2S000628
This exhaust will need a dedicated support. If the bike has the accessory Aluminum mudguard please use 2S000325. If the bike has the  OEM plastic mudguard please use 2S000324.
Because the exhaust is on the side, the footpegs will have to be wider.  This can be done two ways: 
On-road footpegs 2S000451
Off-road footpegs 2S000258

For those who do not need as aggressive a footpeg all the time the Aluminum covers 2S000320 (two pieces necessary) can be added and removed quickly to the off-road footpegs.

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