Engine break-in and first service on a V7


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Engine break-in and first service on a V7

First service on the V7 Stone or V7 Racer is expected around 620 miles. It entails the following procedures:

  • Check cables for free play and proper operation
  • Check steering head bearings for play/adjust
  • Check brake discs/pads and brake fluid level
  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Change transmission and rear drive gear oil
  • Check electrical equipment
  • Inspect forks for leaks
  • Adjust tire pressure to 35psi front and rear
  • Adjust valve clearances 0.15 mm (0.006 in) and 0.2mm (0.008 in)
  • Tighten battery terminals if needed
  • Head bolt retorque to 30ft/lbs and 20ft/lbs
  • Check spark plug gap (0.65mm)
  • Check axle nuts and pinch bolts as well as caliper bolts for tightness
  • Reset service reminder
  • Check suspension/transmission as well as general vehicle function during short test ride


Break in guide for V7 Stone and V7 Racer series motorbikes:

Break-in of the engine is essential to ensure its duration and correct functioning.

If possible, drive on hilly and twisty roads so that the engine, suspension and brakes undergo a more effective break-in.

During break-in, change engine speed often.

In this way the components are first “loaded” and then “relieved” and the engine parts can thus cool down.


Vehicle performance will not be optimal until at least 1250 miles have accumulated.

Keep in mind:

  • Do not lug the engine,
  • During first 60 miles pull brakes with caution, avoiding extreme braking
  • During first 600 miles do not exceed 5000 rpm (see table below).


To ensure proper operation, have dealer carry out first scheduled service at around 620 miles as per maintenance chart.

  • Between first 621 miles and 1250 miles ride more briskly. Change speed and use maximum acceleration only for a few seconds, in order to ensure better coupling of the components. Keep RPMs under 6000 rpm (see table).
  • After first 1250 miles you can expect better performance from the engine. However, do not exceed the maximum allowed engine speed (7600 rpm).

Engine maximum recommended RPM:

Mileage RPM
620 5000
620 - 1250 6000
1250 7600