Joe Ashton



2017, the year of change.  It still doesn’t feel real. To say i’m excited to be part of Moto International is a huge understatement.  Like Dave mentioned, I have almost 20 years in the corporate IT space, Healthcare mostly.  While I loved that space, the passion wasn’t there anymore.  I needed a change, and started investigating what might be a good fit.  I looked at other business opportunities, some franchises, and was a regular browser of the business broker listings but nothing really felt right.  One Friday morning, I saw a listing for part ownership in a motorcycle dealership and, even though the dealership wasn’t listed, I immediately knew it was Moto International.  I was elated, and immediately called the broker only to be told, sorry, there’s already a deal pending; If the potential buyer fell through, they said, they would let me know.  I went from a giddy excitement, to a crushing dissapointment.   Talk about a swing of emotions!  Three weeks later, I get an email asking if I was still interested, and here I am today.


I’m a bike guy but have never limited myself to one brand over another.  I’ve owned lots of bike over the years, everything from vintage Harley’s (’65 Electra Glide, ’74 Shovel with a sidecar) to Hayabusa’s, BMW GS’s to Yamaha V-Max’s, and more dirt bikes than I can count (including my current street legal CR500).  I certainly can’t forget to mention a Moto Guzzi Centauro, a couple of Aprilias, and now a Breva 1100.  


My first order of business is going to be learning everything I can from Dave, one couldn’t ask for a better or more knowledgable mentor.  I have lots of ideas, and high hopes for the future of Moto I.  We’re going to focus on doing the common things uncommonly well.  Look for some changes coming soon to help improve the customer experience.  I want to really focus on customer satisfaction and being the first place that you think of for all of you motorcycle needs, wether it be service, parts, or sales.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on what we can do to serve you, our customers better.  Please email me at  I look forward to hearing from you.