Some ask if we’re offering original parts or “pattern” parts. That’s very difficult to answer! A large percentage of our offerings come right from Aprilia and Guzzi. But even they change sources. For instance, some hand lever blades recently went from a European source to Asian. We buy the same levers from a supplier for the Asian source. So are they genuine? The best answer we can give is that these are the items we sell in our store, install in our service department, and use on our own bikes. We often do buy from alternative sources to make better prices possible.


Unless listed as special order, items are regularly stocked. No one has everything all the time but we chose our sources in part based on level of supply. If we’re caught short, we probably already have the item on the way. We order and receive from our major suppliers every week. Anything more than that, we’ll let you know.

We do maintain a shallow supply on many items for a very good reason: prices are updated as often as monthly and often they go down! And sometimes dramatically. Operating in an environment so defined, it would be folly to stock up too much.