Here are some helpful hints for various installations and updates. Our lawyer tells us to inform you that our liability for this advice is limited to the price you paid for it!

Installing REIB301A Voltage Regulator for Bosch Guzzi Alternators

Rebuilding 1972-97 Cartridge-type Guzzi Forks

Switching to K&N or Uni Aftermarket Air Filters

Assembling Small-twin Guzzi 500-750 Engine Top Ends

Assembling Guzzi 4-speed Transmissions

Installing Voltage Regulator for Guzzi Bosch Generators

Installing Voltage Regulator for Guzzi Marelli Generators

Installing Various Mechanical Brake Light Switches

Installing Guzzi Speedo & Tach Cables

Installing Clutch Cables

Adapting the Current Guzzi Starter to Older Models

Installing Our Improved Clutch Pushrod Seal for Guzzi Big-Twin 4- and 5-Speeds

Adapting Dyna Ignition Coils

Installing Our Replacement for the GU12716500 Guzzi Ignition Coil

Updating the Ring Gear Bolts in Guzzi 500 Rear Drives

Updating 1967-1988 Guzzis to Current Ignition Key Switches

Switching Between 1-wire and 2-wire Horns

Adapting the late 1401-series Guzzi Big-twin Main Bearings to 1201-series Applications

About Replacement Piston/Cylinder Kits for Older Guzzis

Rebuilding Hydraulic Brake Calipers and Master Cylinders

Top-end Lubrication Update for Guzzi 500-650

Adapting the 14155700 Engine Oil Breather to 1975-1993 Guzzi Big Twins

Installing Protective Film Over Bodywork

Using Common Small Relays for Starters, Horns, & Headlights

Assembling Guzzi Big-Twin Rear Main Bearings and Two-Plate Clutches

Adding Our Small-Twin Guzzi Sump Spacer

Replacing Tapered Steering Head Bearings

Servicing Guzzi Big-twin Tapered Swingarm Pivot Bearings

17937167 Lighter Throttle Springs for Some PHF & PHM carbs

Replacing Timing Chain or Tensioner on Many Guzzi Big Twins

Replacing The Timing Pulley on the Guzzi V700, Ambassador, and Eldorado 850

Adapting The Tomaselli Throttle to Various 1975-1988 Guzzis

Installing Our Improved Transmission Breather on Guzzi 500-650

Updating Lubrication in Guzzi 500-650 Rear Drives