To Your Door

People sometimes ask us why the price tag on a bike doesn’t show the complete price. Well, what does? Go to the store for a shirt and unless you live in a state without a sales tax, the price at the cash register will be more than the price tag indicates.

For us, the real disparity comes up for long-distance customers. Since our web site new bike listings show true out-the-door pricing for residents of Washington State, they want to know if they have to pay our sales tax and title/license fees (No!). And what does it cost to get the bike to them?

And so we created this new category with To Your Door pricing for residents of the continental US outside of our Washington. This leaves you to pay title/license fees back home plus your own state’s sales tax, if any.

Some listings have manufacturer rebates that expire March 31, 2017 included in their price reductions. All bikes shown are in stock and offers are limited to motorcycles on hand.