Used 2012 Moto Guzzi Norge 1200 GT 8V

Named in celebration of a Moto Guzzi's 4000-mile journey to the Arctic Circle in 1928, the Moto Guzzi Norge GT 8V is born to satisfy the driving pleasure without giving up comfort: fast and exciting to ride like a street bike, comfortable and safe just as a touring bike. The Norge GT 8V that boasts 1200cc's, 102 HP and standard touring essentials such as heated grips, electrically adjustable windscreen, side bags and ABS.

VIN: ZGULPT006CM112001
Price: recently reduced to $7,995 
plus tax, $50 document fee, and title transfer / tab renewal unless verifiable out-of-state residency. All prices reflect a 2% discount for payment by cash, check, wire transfer, direct deposit, debit card, or through financing.
Approximate mileage: 15,400


Standard saddlebags

Factory accessory color-matched quick-detach top case

Hand guards

CD of Owner's Handbook & factory service manual

Service records: We have records of:

1st service 8-30-12 at 1132 miles

2nd service 11-23-13 at 7000 miles

3rd service 11-27-15 at 12000 miles

Financing7.59% for 24-36 months, 8.39% for 48, 8.59% for 60, 9.59% for 72, or 10.59 for 84 months OAC (rates based on 715+ credit score, higher rates for lower scores) through Freedom Road Financial.


Type: 90° V-shaped twin cylinder, four-stroke, air cooled
Displacement: 1,151 cc
Max output: 102 HP at 7,000 rpm
Max torque: 76.7 ft lbs at 5500 rpm
Exhaust system: stainless steel with central equalizer and with 3-way catalytic converter with two Lambda probes (Euro 3)


Gearbox: 6-speed
Final drive: CARC compact reactive cardan shaft drive system; double cardan joint and floating bevel gear set, drive ratio 12/44 = 1 : 3.666


Front suspension: telescopic hydraulic fork with 45 mm stanchions and adjustable spring preload
Rear suspension: single arm with progressive linkage and monoshock with adjustable rebound and ergonomic dial for setting preload
Front brake: dual 320 mm stainless steel floating discs and calipers with 4 horizontally opposed pistons - ABS
Rear brake: 282 mm stainless steel fixed disc, floating calliper with 2 parallel pistons - ABS
Tires: 120/70 ZR17" (front) - 180/55 ZR17" (rear)


Max length: 86.4 inches (2,195 mm)
Max width: 34.25 inches (870 mm)
Height: 44.2 inches (1,125 mm)
Saddle height: 31.9 inches (810 mm) (-1.2 inch/30mm with lowered gel saddle available as an option)
Dry weight: 566 pounds (257 Kg)
Fuel tank capacity: 6 gallons (23 liters) (including 1 gallon/4 liter reserve)

Fitted with the latest version of the 8v Twin-cylinder engine and a substantial level of new components. The New Norge GT 8v has been developed for enhanced comfort, performance and handling.

New components include:
• New forks and rear shock for improved handling and corner stability, even while fully loaded
• New electrically adjusted windshield
• New 8v engine with more torque and power: 104Nm torque@ 5,500 and 102bhp.
• New fairing with improved wind protection and noise reduction for rider and pillion
• Easier to read instrument panel with trip computer, re-positioned closer to rider
• Anti slip seat with body forming foam for rider and pillion comfort
• Factory fitted centre stand with improved lever arm design
• Vibration damping footrests

This fascinating touring now has a twin transverse 90° V-series "Quattrovalvole" engine, the most powerful among the family of engines produced in Mandello Lario and has now reached the peak of its technical and performance specification.

The basic motorcycle that is currently the Norge 8V GT has, in its combined models, been the most popular bike in our 21 year history. Even though it’s only been with us for 8 of our 21 years, it’s been the choice of 22% of our new Guzzi purchasers. That’s impressive, and so is the bike. We first saw it as the Breva 1100. Then it came to us as a sport-tourer with a larger engine, saddlebags, and fairing as the Norge 1200. That bike morphed into the 1200 Sport as a slimmer, sportier variant. And now we have an update of the original Norge with the 8-valve engine and revised brakes, ergonomics, fairing, suspension, cooling, & fuel management.

But the essential bike remains the same. Guzzi conceived it as the return of the V7 Special, an early V-twin renown for unspecialized versatility but with great competence. True to form, our modern version has proven very comfortable – you don’t see many custom seats on them – with ergonomics that have people from the low 5-foot range to well over 6 feet saying, “It feels like it was meant for me.”

Some of the features are easily apparent: the chrome-moly steel perimeter frame, thick 45mm adjustable forks, anti-lock 4-piston Brembo calipers gripping 320mm stainless discs, heated grips, adjustable windscreen, quadpolyelipsoidal halogen headlights, damping- & preload-adjustable single-shock rear suspension with linkage, and color-matched keyed-alike quick-detach saddlebags.

But other engineering is subtle. For instance, mounting the high-output alternator up between the cylinders allows the mass of the engine to be located closer to the front wheel for the better handling of forward weight bias. And here’s a novel idea adapted from Aprilia’s world champion sport bikes: the crankshaft’s center line is about 1¼” above the transmission’s to position the engine’s weight higher. Higher? I’ll bet we all thought low center of gravity was preferred! But for a motorcycle at road speed, having the engine mass closer to the roll center (think like an airplane) means that it takes less leverage (strength) to lift the bottom of the engine to the (as an example) right side in order to lower the top of the bike into a left turn. 

The result is a big roomy bike that’s quite light steering. Remarkable!


Dave Richardson


I still ride my '89 Le Mans V, which I bought new (120,000 miles so far).  It has been my daily, year round ride for all those years: commuting, sport riding, touring, you name it.  Now that I am nearing 60 years of age, I decided to get a bike more suitable to my lifestyle and physiological realities.  I wanted a bike with reasonable carrying capacity and day long comfort.  With the Le Mans, it was always a bother calculating when I could stop and fit a gallon of milk in my back pack on the way home from work.  After a day’s ride (it’s 400 miles to just about anywhere from here in Nevada), I was always ready for a hot tub, massage, and several shots of grappa.  And my Le Mans always looked a little sad whenever I loaded her up for a few days of camping. 

So after several years of lusting for one, in December I bought a 2013 Norge from Dave.   After a rainy evening ride to Portland, I decided that my Saturday night destination would be Klamath Falls, Oregon.  After a late start I arrived in Klamath about 6 PM, thinking that I would look for a motel after I had dinner.  Keep in mind the temperatures were mostly in the 30’s all that day.  After a relaxing meal and hot beverage, I felt so good that I decided to continue on to the next town, Alturas California, some 100 miles south east.  It was a mystical ride across the high desert that night, with crystal clear skies and a full moon.  Spent the night in Alturas not because I was tired, cold or exhausted, but because it was 9 PM and it was another 150 miles to the next town.

I have several friends in the northern California Guzzi group who just rave about their Norges, and they all said I would love mine.  They were right, as was Dave.  He explained to me about how Guzzi had made design features that enhanced handling and performance, and that I would be surprised at how well this bike works.  Keep in mind, my Guzzi reference point is a 25 year old Le Mans, but I am here to tell you that this Norge is everything one has a right to expect after a quarter century of technological advancement.  It takes off like a charge of shot, handles like a cat on carpet, and cruises all day with effortless grace.  It has all the modern features one can wish for, it’s comfortable and quiet, and still sounds like a proper motorcycle.  It will out run, out corner, out carry and out distance the Le Mans V in every way.  When Dave said that moving the high mass components closer to the roll center would improve handling, I knew that it made sense, but I had no idea how substantial those improvements would be.  This bike is amazingly light on it's feet and is easily tossed around, yet is quite stable at speed and in heavy cross winds.  I am delighted by this bike's abilities and Charisma.  The electrically adjustable windshield is not just a marketing gimmick, it really works and I change the height to suit my desires all the time.  The 3 way heated grips are a very nice touch, too.

I commute about 30 miles/day and I love the utility the luggage capacity brings.  The saddle bags mount very quickly and the top case is even easier.  I am now addicted to having copious amounts of storage and carrying capacity any time I want it.  I love the way it carves up tight canyon roads and sweeping mountain passes, and will happily streak along vast miles of tangent highway, too.  This is what a touring bike is supposed to be, and the way this bike devours the miles day after day, I will be racking up some very high mile weekend this year, to be sure.



Thanks again for a great deal on a great motorcycle. I left your shop and went over the pass only to get stuck in stop-and-go traffic for over 2 hours at Cle Elum to Indian John Hill, so I took I-82 south east to 84 and spent the night in Ontario, Oregon 462 miles. Got up a 5:00 AM and rode straight thru to Arizona City 1,140 miles 19 hours saddle time. 200 miles of very hard sideways rain and then side winds all the way home.

What at great motorcycle, the seat is awesome. My ass never really got sore the whole trip, the raised foot pegs for me were perfect. I love the new dash, no more glare in the windshield at night.


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